Your New Favorite Water Toy!

Are you looking for a foam water pad? No need to look any farther. Purchasers of ParadisePad are quickly calling ParadisePad the Cadillac of foam water pads. Be very careful of other foam pads that do not have a tear resistant membrane!!

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2 Ply 18´ and 12´ (1450 lbs & 900lbs weight rating respectively)

3 Ply 18´(2200 lbs weight rating)

3 ply 18´ 2˝ thick (3000 lbs weight rating)

Our manufacturing plants are iso9001 compliant. Our lamination process has certified in house quality control equipment to test bond/pull strength, thickness and density. 1 year limited warranty.

Why is a ParadisePad a better fit for your family?

ParadisePad is a marine grade cross-linked HIGH DENSITY foam with UV stabilizers and added proprietary tear resistance membrane for increased tear resistance. We have seen the rest and have made what we feel is the best product for the money. You can run, rest, tan or just have a great day on the water.

All pads include 2 Velcro straps, 10’+ bungee cord, and a stainless steel tetheringsystem. Paradise pad will hold up to 1,450lbs and rolls up to a 24˝ diameter.

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