Demo Board Program

Ride Before You Buy!

Want to try out a board before you commit to buying it? Sign up for our Demo Board Program!

If you like the board and want to keep it, the cost of the rental will be deducted from the total cost of the board.

Like the board and don’t want to come back in?

Keep it! We will charge your card on file.


Demo Board Policy and Use Agreement

Fees / Schedules

The rental fee is $30 for one board for three days or $45 for unlimited board exchanges for three days. A late fee of $30 per day will be changed for boards not returned by 4pm on the third day of rental.

Inspection / Damage

An inspection will be completed upon return of all demonstrator boards. Customers will be required to purchase the board if the damage is so excessive that Austin Boats and Motors is unable to sell the board.

  • Damaged board bags will result in a $25 fee
  • Repairable damage will result in a $50 fee/per damaged area.
  • Lost fins are $10 each


You have 7 days to apply the rental fee toward the purchase of any of our in-stock surfboards.


By signing below, you acknowledge that you’ve read and understand our Demonstrator Board Policy. Additionally, your signature authorizes the charge of your credit card for rental fees as well as damages assessed upon return of the board(s). The customer will be charged the full amount of the board if the board is more than 3 days past due.

MM slash DD slash YYYY

ABM Board Rental FAQs & Policies

  • Do I need a credit card to rent?

    Yes, and a valid drivers license or passport ID. Your credit card will be charged for the full rental payment. We do not accept cash for rentals. Please note that the person furnishing the cc for the rental is responsible for the full replacement value of all of the rented gear, as per the rental agreement.

  • What are your vehicle requirements for transporting boards?

    All boards need to be transported inside the board bag provided to you at the time of rental.

  • Do you rent to minors?

    We do not rent to minors under 18 unless accompanied by a consenting adult to sign the rental agreement and pay with a credit card.

  • When are rentals due back?

    All rentals are due back by 4pm on the third day. We are closed Sundays.

  • What is the fee if I'm returning my surfboard late?

    We will charge a late fee of $30 per day until the board is returned.

  • I am running late, will you stay beyond closing time and wait for me?

    No, we cannot stay beyond closing time. You’ll have to return the gear the following day and pay the late fee. We open at 8am, Monday-Saturday.

  • What happens if my rental board gets damaged?

    You will be responsible for any damage (or loss) incurred during your rental period (regardless of negligence, accident, or circumstances beyond your control). The fee will be determined by the cost of the repair or the replacement value if the damage is beyond repair. Check your board for damage prior to your rental. All damage should be documented with and Austin Boats and Motors representative.

  • Can I apply rentals towards purchase?

    Yes. Your rental fee can be applied toward the purchase of any in-stock board. Purchases must be finaliezed with 7 days of the end of your rental period.

  • Where is Austin Boats and Motors located?

    Our address is 1208 RR 620 South, Lakeway, TX. Phone: 512-263-2811

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