Austin Boats & Motors Consignment Program

We appreciate the opportunity to handle the consignment and sale of your boat. We are a Boating Industry Top 100 dealer and are proud to be number 3 in the State of Texas. We specialize in new and used boat sales and will ensure the boat listing and potential sale is handled in a professional and timely manner. Not all boats will qualify for our consignment program. We have certain conditions and requirements that must be agreed upon before we will consign your boat.

Proof of Ownership

Proof of legal ownership is required for all consignment boats. We require copies or the original titles for the boat, motor, and trailer to be filed with AB&M before consigning your boat. If you have an extended protection plan, we will need policy proof of coverage along with the applicable transfer documents.

Inspection: All consignment boats are inspected at our Service facility prior to the sales listing. Proof of Maintenance will be requested to validate the manufacturer’s requirement for necessary maintenance. Engines receive a compression test or leak down test. All boats receive a comprehensive on-the-water test. Systems are checked from bow to stern including full inspection of the trailer, wiring and lights. An Austin Boats & Motors MCI Form is used for official record of consigning condition. All repairs and inspections required by Austin Boats & Motors subsequent to the MCI must be completed and paid for in full before any marketing or representation of the consigned boat will begin. The inspection charge is $399 plus applicable taxes. All potential boat buyers can feel confident the boat has passed a rigorous inspection by a licensed boat dealer.

Lakeway Location

With over 5 acres of highly traveled highway frontage in beautiful Lakeway, we have the prime spot to display your boat and attract potential customers. Boats are displayed at our dealership and are readily accessible to potential buyers.

Marketing & Advertising

We take pride in our ability to effectively market and sell your boat using several sources such as our website, various boat related websites, online ads, videos and print ads.


We have over 5 acres of land in Lakeway, Texas with plenty of room to store and facilitate the sale of your boat. Our lot is very safe and secure so you can rest assured your boat will be clean and well cared for while it is here. We require all consignees to maintain insurance on their property while it is for sale at our dealership.


Once sold, we ensure all customers are instructed in the safe operation of the boat, engine and trailer prior to final delivery. All customers are accompanied by qualified dealership personnel from start to finish.


Our Finance Department utilizes several marine lending institutions that offer competitive loan packages to our customers. There is no need for our potential boat buyers seek out their own financing source. We handle it all here; safe and hassle free. We also offer extended service agreements for potential buyers to enhance the value of the boat.

Transfer of Title

As the selling boat dealer, we will ensure all applicable title transfers are completed to the new boat owner. You are responsible for any monthly payments and insurance during the consignment and loan payoff process. No proceeds (if applicable) will be dispersed to you until 1) your loan is paid in full and 2) we have possession of your negotiable titles for the boat, motor, and trailer. We will make payment to your financial institution. We will request the difference owing by the consignor when we are prepared to pay your loan off after the boat purchase has been finalized. The process of paying off your boat loan and receiving your titles can take up to 30 days. We will require Consignor signatures on all bank released documents before any proceeds are dispersed to you.


Our Consignment Program is designed to recover maximum value from the liquidation of your boat. More value can be recovered and time can be saved by letting experienced sales professionals show and sell your boat. We offer no haggle net pricing which provides an exact dollar amount at the point of consignment thereby eliminating your involvement in the negotiation process.

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